Written by Johnny Moore, Illustrated by Tatiana Escallon

Good Morning, World
The day is new. 
But, I don’t know,
Just what to do. 
I’ll brush my teeth,
And comb my hair. 
Then dash into,
The morning’s air…
     You have just sampled a poem from SILENCE, PLEASE:  A Collection of Children’s Poems.  The verses are meant to introduce young children and anyone else to the beauty of poetry.  The   collection will put readers and listeners, face to face, with a raindrop; a cricket; a view of life from a sandbox; and, even a little man who is just too busy to play!
     SILENCE, PLEASE is filled with everyday experiences that are somewhat universal.  So, if you should become hooked while on this poetic journey, please relax and enjoy the addiction.  

Silence, Please