Written By RH Lewis

Ages 9 and Up

An unconscious nine-year-old boy, a victim of a crime gone wrong, is rushed to an emergency room in Anchorage Alaska. He wakes with no memory of who he is or what his life was before that moment. Placing him in protective custody, philanthropist Betsy Fletcher changes his name to Jace Burke and hides him with a family in Florida. For six years, Jace grew up happy with his rambunctious sister Cailey. Through the years they kept in touch with Ms. Fletcher, lovingly calling her, Aunt Betsy. 

Happiness turns to anger when Aunt Betsy is found dead in her remote home of Bayboro Maine. 

Jace and Cailey are convinced Aunt Betsy was murdered. But asking question in a small town comes with grave consequence and to prove murder may cost them their lives. 

As they dig for answers, dark missing memories bleed into Jace’s mind. Like ghost ships returning to a foggy port, each carries terror, and fear. What he remembers he desperately wants to forget and what he can’t remember he desperately needs to know. 

The truth is hidden in Aunt Betsy’s haunted mansion if they can live long enough to find it.

Missing Pieces

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