Written by Seth Brady

Ages 12 and Up
In times of war, the greatest weapon is fear. Over two years have passed since the Council defeated the gods. In that time, Jennifer Le Fay has been waiting patiently, amassing an army against the magicians. Among them is a group of magic-resistant people known as Witch Hunters, led by Jennifer’s right hand, Lucy, have the Council jumping at shadows. Meanwhile, Councilman Jacob has been watching the young auramancer, Jason, preparing him for the goals of the Order of the Gray Cross. Through all of this fear and manipulation, Amber must discover Lucy’s identity, and why she killed the man responsible for the death of Amber’s family. Kasigah, though, must uncover the Witch Hunter’s aims, or have his comrades’ blades turned against him. Will they prevail against these killers, or will they succumb to the paranoia that Jennifer has been sowing. Find out when the Witch Hunt begins.

Kasigah - Witch Hunt

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