Written by Christine Sromek Laforet, Illustrated by Lisa Rush
Ages 5-7
Bree’s tooth is loose, and her worries return. At least the tooth fairy will leave her a shiny new ring so she can join the Girls with Bling Club. But when Bree accidentally swallows her tooth, she’ll need more than belly breaths to calm down. What if the tooth blocks her insides and she blows up? Or what if it grows in her tummy and a tooth plant sprouts out of her ears? Bree keeps her lost tooth problem a secret. She finds fake teeth and builds a fairy trap, instead. With just two days before the club’s first meeting, can Bree outsmart the tooth fairy, or will she be the only girl in first grade who’s not in the Girls with Bling Club?

Being Bree: Bree and the Loose Tooth Worries