Marcin Bruchnalski

Illustrator of Ten Clever Ninjas

Release: Spring 2018

Marcin Bruchnalski was born in 1958 and raised in Krakow, Poland. A father of three, he loves biking, skiing and swimming. As he was growing up, both of his parents were artists, and for as long as he can remember he also loved to draw, but decided to break family tradition and received an MD from Medical Academy. He was also employed at the Academy for one year as a Teaching Assistant. Finally, after two years working as a doctor, he decided to devote himself exclusively to drawing, and four years later he was graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in 1993. He currently works as a freelance illustrator cooperating with many newspapers, magazines and publishing houses (mainly in Poland, but also in England – Maverick and Cengage Learning and Germany – Baerenreiter and Deike Verlag). In 1999 he was awarded The Book of The Year by IBBY. He loves his work and always believes the best illustrations are yet to come.