Carina Povarchik

Illustrator of Shimmer

My Bigger then An Elephant Secret

Born, raised and currently living in Argentina, Carina usually signs her works as Catru. It’s short and easy to remember and it reminds her of her parents, wanting to call her Catruska when she was born.

Carina's parent's house was full of tools and handcrafted products made by them. That's where she got her love for creating. Her mom used to love cats, her dad used to love birds. And both told her lots of stories about them, when she was a little girl.

Carina always did lots of things and tried all kinds of techniques. When 5 years old, she made paintings with ink using her own style and sold them on the street. Then, she made houses for her dolls. She drew flying bikes and sketched machines that she wished were hers. She wrote stories. She ran drawing contests with her friends. Carina remember a dreamy, fun, full of creativity childhood.  Carina first graduated from a short computer program and then went on to graduate with a Bachelors in Educational Technologies.  She subsequently taught computer programming at the college level, for many years.  In 2007, she received, as a birthday surprise gift, a drawing tablet. And there, it all began. Since then, Carina began taking private academic drawing lessons and started making crafts of all kinds, developing more and more her own happy style. Colors seemed to blossom all around her. and she began listening. Others told her she should be illustrating children books and it has been like a seed in her heart, now being watered.