Andrea Emmerick

Illustrator: Tommy James Series

I was born and raised in Johannesburg South Africa, where I studied and gained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Design at The Design School of Southern Africa, I continued working as a graphic designer for a sports fishing magazine but at the same time continued to follow my passion for illustration, I was always inspired by the illustration of comic books as I grew up reading them with my three older brothers and hoped that if I continued to better myself I could one day make it to Comic-con and stand at the side of my favorite artists. My new passion was then inspired by the births of my two nieces and children of friends turning my attention to children's books, the art was so beautiful and diverse and so sparked a new ongoing dream to become a children's book illustrator.


Following my dreams I founded my own company Blue Monkey Illustration with which I could focus on illustration as well as Graphic design. Apart from Illustration my other passion is a Brazilian martial art Capoeira with which I met my husband and together to it, we have dedicated a greater part of our lives, which too surprisingly contributed, to my growth in illustration and working more with children. After founding my company I moved to Brazil to get married, I am now happily pursuing my dream here.


You can see some of my works on these sites: