Kelly Johnstone

Author - My Bigger Than an Elephant Secret

Release: Spring 2018

Kelly Johnstone’s passion for writing has allowed her to enjoy some fabulous roles including lifestyle writer, spa and restaurant reviewer, celebrity magazine editor and travel PR guru.

Although Kelly is originally from the UK, she has spent more of her life outside of her home country than in it, having called Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar and now Malaysia home. And, while she is the first to admit that being an expat has plenty going for it (just don’t mention the term “trailing spouse” in her presence), Kelly’s longing for English seasons, long country walks, pub fires and local libraries is unwavering.

Currently, in addition to coming up with new and wacky picture book ideas for children’s reading pleasure, she holds the position of editor for a family website that gives parents the lowdown on keeping their kids in the know and on the go and is wrapping up an online diploma in journalism – all while trying to ensure her three children are healthy, happy, in the right place at the right time ad most importantly kept out of the trouble that seems to follow them around.

Having amazing parents with wild and creative imaginations meant that Kelly's childhood was packed with crazy, humorous and fun stories, which is probably what sparked her love of writing for children.