Gayle Krause

Author - Daddy, Can You See the Moon

Release: November 7, 2017

Gayle Krause was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania and being the oldest girl on the block, always led the younger kids in creative dramatics, wilderness expeditions through fields, and fossil hunting in the shale piles left from the heyday of mining. Those early interactions led her to a career in teaching, where, as a Master teacher she continued to inspire teens as she prepared prospective Elementary Teachers and Early Childhood Educators at the secondary and post-secondary levels. Simultaneously, she directed an instructional Laboratory Pre-K for her students, where she worked with eager young preschoolers.  

Because she taught both young adults and preschoolers, her books fall at both ends of the Children’s Literature spectrum. When she writes picture books, she thinks in rhyme. First, ROCK STAR SANTA. And now, DADDY, CAN YOU SEE THE MOON? When Gayle writes novels for middle grades and teens, her stories are either fantasy or historical fiction. Her YA urban fantasy, RATGIRL: Song of the Viper, is a retelling of The Pied Piper set in a dystopian future with global warming, and Twice Betrayed, her middle grade historical fiction, highlights the legend of the first American flag and spies.

Gayle is most comfortable in front of students, be they four years old, or forty. She loves to teach Children’s Literature and enhance literacy skills in young readers. She is a member of SCBWI, Keystone State Reading Association, KidLit, Ink, a marketing group for published children’s authors, and a past member of The Poets’ Garage.

Gayle lives in a cliffside house in the Poconos that overlooks Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey, where she can still find a fossil or two, if she hikes the mountain behind her home.

Follow Gayle’s writing journey at on Facebook at Gayle C Krause, and on Twitter @GeeCeeK.