Gail Etheredge

Author - The Age of Exploration

Release - June 20, 2017

      Gail Cornett Etheredge was taught from an early age about the greatness of the United States of America.  But it was only after teaching U.S. History in the public schools did she develop a fiery passion for this wonderful country—a passion so great that it became her desire to reconnect with Americans of all ages and remind them of the great things about their country that may have been lost in the busyness of adult life.  As parents and grandparents sit with their toddlers and young children and read these books to them, her hope is that they will reawaken their own patriot spirit as they instill patriotism in their young charges.


            Gail is a retired U.S. History teacher living with her husband of 46 years, Ray, in the great state of Texas.  They have 3 grown children and 5 grandchildren, all of which are true patriots!