The Adventures of Grit

Written by Brandon Tatum

Illustrated by Christy Underwood

Release: October 2017

The Adventures of Grit - Preorder

4-8 years old

Grit (a squirrel) plays the lead role in this children’s series. Grit personifies all the characteristics of “gritty kids,” while his best friend Chicken (a chicken) is his polar opposite. Do not worry about Chicken, though, because through the encouragement of his best friend Grit, Chicken is able to finish all of their adventures even when it gets hard. Through this children’s series you can follow Grit and Chicken up Mount Oliver, down the Amazing River, through the Grand Cavern, and across the plains of West Texas.. This traveling duo will conquer any adventure big or small. 


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Brandon Tatum


Christy Underwood