Shimmer: Songs of Night

Written by Raven Howell

Release: October 17, 2017

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For a child, the time between sundown and sunup can be an enchanting world of mystery and fun, a time when fairies dance, night creatures creak and hum, and stars reign over all. What are a child’s thoughts when he or she hears the evening’s first cricket, has a sleepover with friends, or looks up at the stars and wonders, “What’s up there?”


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What People are saying....

"Raven Howell's poems are whimsical, wise, and infused with a timeless sense of the joy and wonder of childhood. Both playful and profound, these poems are love-letters to Life, and remind us of the simple capacity for happiness that is our birthright.” - Elizabeth Cody Kimmel

Raven Howell


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