By RH Lewis

Coming May 2018

Sara - Preorder

Sixteen-year-old Sara Morgan lived with her obsessive-compulsive alcoholic father in a forgotten trailer park outside Chicago. One act changed her life forever. Her father tried to blackmail billionaire Bartholomew Kallestad with an incriminating flash drive loaded with evidence that Kallestad stole The Shroud of Turin and created The Shroud Project, an attempt to clone another Jesus with His DNA. That act came with a steep cost. While Sara slept, a fire consumed her trailer. She awoke in a simulated hospital, to the news that her father is dead and her body sustained massive burns; all a deception filled with Kallestad’s lies.

Under the guise of treatment for nonexistent burns, and as punishment for her father’s blackmail, he implants the clone in Sara. Once born, his hateful goal is to murder the clone, proving in his twisted mind that he is the greater power.


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