“Mama, if I weren’t born,

what would you do?


 With the simple question, Willy the bear cub, seeks reassurance and the promise of forever love from Mama Bear, who is more than happy to provide him the security and answers he seeks, against a beautifully unique backdrop of wildlife and forest metaphors.

A touching tribute to the affection and devotion a mother has to her child, Pova’s work unequivocally captures the anxious curiosity of youth while reinforcing the beauty of maternal love.  

Pova is a children’s author, poet, wife and mother of three. Long fascinated with the power of words, her eloquence in blending a narrative cemented in nature is appealing to both parents and young readers, both looking for a way to express their unwavering devotion to the other. Illustrated by Philip Martineau, a 2016 graduate of Academy of Art University, Pova’s imagery is captured in exquisite detail, taking readers on a colorful journey through the great outdoors.

If I Weren’t With You will be released Tuesday, April 4th by Clear Fork Publishing’s newest imprint Spork - designed specifically for younger readers.

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If I Weren't With You

“Mom, if I weren’t here, what would you do?” Willy starts a conversation with Mama Bear while he’s on the move, acting like a natural youngster. In a series of simple and direct questions, the bear cub seeks and receives his mother’s reassurance of love and security as the two take a walk in the forest. Mama Bear uses imagery of the forest to communicate her feelings to her cub.


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