Fantasy, Atlantis - And A Magical Boy

Author Seth Brady Blends His Love For Mythology Into His Newest Title for TeensWitch Hunt

“What if I told you the Gods had been locked up for thousands of years and someone was trying to release them?” This is how Seth Brady ’s Kasigah series - a narrative full of magic, Greek inspiration and conflict of powers - begins. The first book in the series, Godspeed, introduces readers to wizarding student Jason, who must learn how to fight the evil forces attempting to release the Gods, as well as find Kasigah, caretaker of Wellspring.


Two years after the events of Godspeed,

Witch Hunt picks up, throwing readers into a perilous struggle for power between

magicians, magic-resistant Witch Hunters and the Council. Who will come out victorious? You’ll have to pick up the book once it hits shelves February 7th, to find out.

But, Witch Hunt is much more than your ordinary supernatural read. “Witch Hunt is a story of fear, and the consequences of hasty judgment,” author Seth Brady notes. “It's the story of an innocent knight, scorned by her king, and pushed to hatred. It's a story of familial bonds, and loyalty, and knowing when to put compassion above self-imposed responsibility. But most of all, it is a story of consequences, both new and old.”

So, what drew computer programmer, Brady, to writing a series so steeped in fantasy? “ I think what first drew me to storytelling was just a love for stories that had bubbled up over the years,” Brady

explains. “My two biggest inspirations were Christopher Paolini of the Inheritance Cycle and Jonathan Stroud of the Bartimaeus Trilogy. Fantasy has always been a big love of mine, and

eventually, stories of magic and dragons and such just began to teem into my mind.”


However, readers should be excited to expect more than just fantasy filling Witch Hunt’s pages. “The Kasigah series was actually inspired by my love of history and mythology. And with my love of fantasy, I wanted to know what would happen if I

combined the two,” Brady notes. The combination is unique, when compared to many young adult publications that have focused exclusively on fantasy, such as Harry Potter, or dystopian science fiction, such as The Hunger Games. Seeing the success of these former titles, there is most definitely space in the genre for Brady’s imaginative literature.


Now that Witch Hunt is gearing up for release, Brady answered our inquiry on if he knows just how the series will end. “ I've always known in general how the series would end, but the more I write, the more the characters take on a life of their own and just... get away from me sometimes. Sometimes even to the point of making me wish they didn't have the fate that I know they have to have.” But, fans of the series, don’t fret. There are more stories to tell, Brady ensures. “ I have more to write in the world of Kasigah, that's for certain, and while the first series is coming to a close, I feel like there's still more to explore.”

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