Iggy Loo, Written By Maria Ashworth, Arrives Just In Time For The Holiday Season

The Story of One Penguin’s Very Special Christmas Wish

Iggy Loo has spent a lifetime in his snow globe. More than anything, he envies the world that surrounds him and craves to experience what he sees. Will Iggy get his Christmas wish this year? Iggy Loo was written by Maria Ashworth, published author of other titles for children including Step One, Step Two, Step Three and Four and My Big Tree. Iggy Loo features illustrations by Sunny Choi.

Iggy Loo was released November 1st by Clear Fork Publishing’s newest imprint Spork - designed specifically for young readers. Iggy Loo is sure to delight families this season and would be the perfect holiday gift for those with active imaginations.

“Iggy Loo is a unique but also genuinely classic holiday tale that deserves to be on anyone’s bookshelf!” - Erin Pautler, thelikeablelibrarian.com


“Your kids will ask to read it. Again and again.” - middlegeorgiakids.com 

“I highly recommend you all go out and purchase this book. It will be a great addition to your holiday book collection!” - Emneris Domenech, thephillymommydiaries.com 

If you would like additional information about Iggy Loo, please contact Erin Amy McFarlane, Communications Director, at erin@clearforkpublishing.com

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