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Our mission is to create a line of books that both entertain and expand people’s minds. We showcase vibrant books that exhibit the works of tremendous authors in our region and beyond. We also provide a venue for authors that would like a personal relationship with their publisher and their readers.

New Release

Swensons, Penick, and the TCR

Join us as we tell you the story of Stamford, as seen through the pages and stories of the Stamford American. Here we have gathered some of our favorite stories for you to hold on to and learn why we love being the Town Crier of our piece of Jones County.


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New from Spork


 My Big Tree

One little blue bird has found the best place to nest. Soon other animals think it’s the ideal place to be, too. The little blue bird isn't ready to share her space and decides it’s no longer the “best tree to nest in.” She finds a new tree but something is missing. In the end, the little bluebird realizes there is one thing more valuable than nesting in her favorite tree.


By Maria Ashworth

Illustrated By Bailey Beougher


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